Thursday, December 27, 2012

new product launch: U Luxury by Unite

Unite Hair has recently introduced a new product line that boasts some very luxurious sounding products, and named fittingly, U Luxury. this line includes a frizz-controling spray treatment {called D-Frizz}, a pure argan oil and a shampoo and conditioner, suitable for all hair types, including color-treated.

U LUXURY Shampoo is described as a luscious blend of hydrating, protective formulation. with crushed pearl, hawaiian white honey, pure argan oil and coconut-derived cleansers, this blend is also sulfate and paraben-free. the creamy lather doesn't strip hair of moisture or cause buildup, but is fortifying and gentle. developed with panthenol {a botanical extract rich in vitamin B,} it promises vivid shine and weightless volume, while strengthening and invigorating your tresses.

U LUXURY Conditioner is described as being a rich and creamy conditioner. it, too, contains a fusion of crushed pearl, hawaiian white honey and pure argan oil. additionally, it contains nourishing shea butter, and apple, orange, lemon and sugar cane extracts {these help seal the hair cuticle to lock in moisture}. hair is left looking fuller and shinier and feeling softer and smoother.

a little fyi: crushed pearl has long been renowned for its healing powers and used in ancient medicinal treatments around the world. derived from freshwater pearls, it's rich in calcium, magnesium and amino acids, and contains essential minerals that nutrient-deprived hair craves. rare and utterly exquisite in texture, organic hawaiian white honey is harvested from a single forest of kiawe trees, and is celebrated for its intensely moisturizing benefits.

this line sounds fab, right? have you tried, or do you currently use, Unite hair products? when the opportunity to try these comes up, i'll definitely be back to post my experience and thoughts.

U Luxury is available now at specialty salons nationwide and at

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Mars said...

I love their Argan Oil!