Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bioelements Amino Mask

if you have acne prone skin, like me, and are looking for a fabulous new way to control it, i recommend you get yourself Bioelements Amino Mask. it's the best, most effective mask i have ever used! i think i can say it's an HG product!

i have used many masks to control my acne. and not to say that they didn't work, but they didn't work like this one. i usually would have to use a mask several times before i saw results. the Amino Mask shows skin improvements overnight. i know, i know, there are other masks on the market, one in particular comes to mind, that claim to work overnight, but they didn't work for me.

Bioelements Amino Mask is a salicylic acid mask that also contains sulfur, a great anti-bacterial ingredient. it helps to unclog pores and control oil-production (an added bonus), as weel as calm the skin. it gives a cooling sensation while it sits on my face, which feels lovely (especially with the weather i've been living with lately!). 15 minutes later, my skin feels fresh and soft. the best part-- it clears up exsisting acne, and prevents new flare-ups.

i have two kids, who are now both home on summer break, so i'm a little stressed sometimes! and as you might know, stress can sometimes show up on the face. now i don't have to worry about it. this mask, that could also work well as a spot treatment, has got my back.

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sometimes skin need an extra treat!
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