Thursday, June 26, 2008

CoverGirl TruBlend

CoverGirl TruBlend is a new formulation that is said to go beyond just matching your skin tone to actually merge with your skin, for a naturally flawless look.

well, it didn't match my skin tone like the advertising said it would. also, the coverage, if it did, is too sheer. i am sad to say that it did nothing for me. it didn't even out my skin tone, cover blemishes, or last. it could be good for someone with near-flawless skin but that's not many of us.

i was really surprised to see that there were such a small amount of colors to choose from in a darker hue, considering this is a range for all skin tones. i tried two colors; tawny, because the color right below it, classic tan, didn't look like it would be for me, but it turned out to be way too dark. so i went for the classic tan, but it was too light and slightly grey on me. crazy right? there should be at least two colors between them in my opinion.

there are many reviews on the CoverGirl website, (mostly complaints about this new formula) and on Total Beauty so you can check those out for yourself.

i am sad to say this didn't work for me, and i really didn't find anything good about the formula. but that doesn't mean i will write off CoverGirl. i have many other products that i use and love that they manufacture, so no worries.


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