Monday, June 9, 2008

hair therapy continues

previously, i had done a series of posts, titled hair therapy, and they all dealt with my search for a new deep conditioner. i found it, so i stopped posting.

this time around, the series will continue, but will be about hair and products in general. from styling products to treatments, great trends in hair to how to create a certain look, hair therapy will be your source for all things hair! i know i will post something weekly, but don't be surprised if you sometimes see a hair therapy post two or three times a week.

so, since i hate to drag things out, i'll get started today with a new (to me) product i have tried and been using: Kerastase Ciment Thermique Leave-in Heat-Activated Reconstructing Milk for Weakened Hair. this fabulous leave-in treatment is to be used after you wash your hair to help protect from heat styling. this product gives hair the nutrients it needs to defend itself so it can be strong, beautiful and soft. heat styling does as much damage and breaks down hair. this product keeps it in great condition.

i love this product because it works! my hair stays healthy looking, shiny and soft even after many flat iron encounters before the next washing. i also love the citrus-melon scent. so yummy! i just want to keep putting it on my hair to smell it! and sadly, once my hair is finished and styled, the smell is but a memory. well, there is always next time to look forward to!

try it today, and if you use this, let me know what you think!

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